Put simply, high intensity interval training has been proven to be the more effective way to burn fat and increase cardiovascular strength. The EPOC (Excess post exercise oxygen consumption) of HIIT workouts continue to burn fat for up to 36 hours. So what’s different about us? Most fundamentally the workout programming is done by a former professional fighter with over 15 combined years experience as a Crossfit gym owner, team strength and conditioning coach and personal/group fitness training. We incorporate both foundational strength building and 30 plus minute HIIT sessions creating a unique fitness regimen with unparalleled proven results. But beyond that… We’re the coolest fuckin’ gym around. We play old school punk, metal, ska and funk. We don’t give a shit about what brands you’re wearing and there’s no screaming meat head with a headset and zero sense of personal space. The idea at Black Rose is, the workout is hard enough, so let’s have some fun doing it.

Single Class-    $20   |   10 Pack- $150
Monthly Unlimited-    $150


​After the warm up we spend 10-15 working on foundational strength with moderate level weight and rep counts (ex. Squats, overhead press, pull ups, health lifts, etc...)



​Oh you still have something left huh? The finisher is a complementary movement (or series of movements) at the end of class that work in conjunction with the days workout. Including but not limited to stretching or rolling out sore muscles.​


All classes begin with a five-seven minute with joint and muscle specific mobility movements



​After stenght, we start five to seven rounds (25-35 mins) of high intensity interval training. This is where the real magic happens. Movements and round structures change from workout to workout to keep your body guessing and your mind stimulated.

 For questions regarding our current schedule please email info@blackrosecrossfit.com