Summer Strength & Conditioning
  • Month to month unlimited- $150
  • Six Month Commitment- $140
  • 1 Year Commitment- $130
  • 11 Class Punch Card- $200


  • Monday- 10am / 12pm / 5:30pm / 6:30pm
  • Tuesday- 12pm / 5:50pm / 6:30pm
  • Wednesday- 10am / 12pm / 5:30pm /6:30pm
  • Thursday- 12pm / 5:30pm / 6:30pm
  • Friday- 10am / 12pm / 5:30pm 
  • Saturday- 10am / 11am

We are a functional strength and conditioning training center. We are not a globo-gym with antiquated isolation machines and tanning booths. We throw medicine balls, swing kettle bells, jump on boxes and hang from bars. Run, climp, leap, slam things, drag things, flip things and do Olympic weightlifting. We accept all kinds of people at all ability levels and insist on a supportive team atmosphere. We turn athletes into super athletes and can turn you into someone who'd laugh at the you, you are today.

Crossfit is functional strength training, performed at high intensity, using universal recruitment
patterns that simulate real life movements, rather than just inflate mirror muscles. Our training
elicits a neuroendocrine (hormonal/neurological) response as apposed to traditional single
muscle or energy pathway stimulation. The primary benefit of this approach to training is it
sends strong signals to your nervous system. The result is a much stronger hormonal release that
simultaneously increases cardiovascular endurance, muscle mass (as well as bone density and
increased connective tissue) mobility and fat loss. Designed as an all encompassing fitness regimen, properly programmed programming CrossFit training will enhance your endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility,balance and accuracy.

Another intricate part of our training is constant variation, offering new challenges every session.
Even a quick google search of CrossFit athletes will speak volumes on the visual benefits of our
approach. But with a focus on performance our athletes achieve life enhancing strength and
conditioning with a ferociously fit physique as merely a side effect (of side benefit). Small group
classes offer assurance that your form and safety are never overlooked, while creating a
supportive team atmosphere.