We accept all kinds of people at all ability levels and insist on a supportive team atmosphere.



Monday- 10am / 12pm / 5:30pm / 6:30pm

Tuesday- 12pm / 5:30pm / 6:30pm

Wednesday- 10am / 12pm / 5:30pm / 6:30pm

Thursday- 12pm / 5:30pm / 6:30pm

Friday- 10am / 12pm / 5:30pm 

Saturday- 10am / 11am


We offer several types of private training options.

We offer a free intro session with technical instruction followed by a short workout. Book your intro now!


CONTACT:   503.729.9272   2929 S.E. Powell Blvd.

Black Rose is a community of ass kicking, everyday people who support and inspire each other to reach their individual goals. We train together, we sweat together and we grow together, but we know that the competitive athlete has different goals, than the parents with full-time jobs. At Black Rose we cultivate an atmosphere where all our members feel supported and challenged at every level. No matter what your current athletic condition, the programming at Black Rose will make you stronger, faster and healthier-period! We blast old school punk, metal, ska and funk. There are no flags on the wall or brand labelsheep judging your outfit. In short we’re a gym for those who are sick of the yuppie clone factories and those who’ve never felt comfortable around all the bro-ing and all the meatheadedness of your average gym. If you’re ready to work hard, have fun and get in the best shape of your life, we’ve got a spot for you.